Benghazi Final Report - A Political Witch-Hunt or a

Massive Cover Up for 2 Presidential Elections?

4 Americans Died - Help Never Came

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What Really Happened?

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Relive Historical Events Performed by
Voice Actors of Events in Benghazi

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This audio version of the report is for those who don't want to read and wade through all the footnotes and extraneous dialogue. Listen to this historic and dramatic courtroom testimony performed by professional voice actors while driving or working out.

Historical events of Sept 11, 2012 in Benghazi
were portrayed in the movie "13 hours."

Find out "what really happened" from actual eye
witnesses before, during and after the attacks.


Breaking updates!

  • Who did Secretary Clinton privately email that the deaths were a planned terrorist attack and not a demonstration over a video?
  • Why was there a need to have another hearing after 7 were already done costing millions of dollars?
  • Who sent Ambassador Rice on 5 national television stations to tell Americans the attack was the result of a demonstration over a YouTube Video, and why?
  • Why did President Obama and Secretary of Defense Panetta's order to do everything possible to help the Americans fail?
  • Prior to the attack, over 600 requests were made by Ambassador Stevens and others to provide more security. Why were they ignored?
  • For 13 hours while the Embassy and Annex was under attack, no rescue or evacuation attempt materialized. Why not?
  • Who gave the order to the CIA Base Commander to tell his soldiers to "Stand Down!" hindering the rescue of Shawn Smith and Ambassador Stevens?
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